Wednesday, September 19, 2007


At the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority, we do everything we can to communicate with the people of Connecticut, and we have always encouraged people to communicate with us. Our Board of Directors meetings are open to the public and the first item of business is almost always public comment. We hold public meetings and presentations throughout the state and welcome questions from those in attendance.

But we know you can't always get to those meetings, and you may not be able to get through when we're on a radio or television talk show, so we're introducing CRRABlog (crab on top of a log -- get it?) as another means of stimulating dialogue between CRRA and the people we serve.

Here's how it's going to work: we'll tell you what we're thinking, then you tell us what you're thinking. We will moderate comments, but only to make sure nothing inappropriate or offensive is posted.


Alka said...

This is a great resource for CRRA customers to ask questions, get answers and facilitate discussion about the environmental issues that matter to us! I'm looking forward to keeping up-to-date on CRRA's efforts. By the way, what is the status of the addition to the Stratford museum? Thanks!

CRRA said...

The expansion of the Garbage Museum is on hold pending a decision on a new contract between FCR, CRRA and the Southwest Connecticut Regional Recycling Operating Committee.

Anonymous said...

I have visited the Garbage Museum in Stratford on several occasions.
I have always been impressed with the staff and the exhibits.Trashasaurous is a favorite!
I am amazed that this resource is available and free! My children have learned to be good "recyclers" and I feel this is directly related to their exposure at the Garbage Museum. They are learning from a young age what to do and it has become part of their eveyday lives.
Educators Robin and Audrey, have in the past led my children's school groups around and we have visited on Family Fun Days. These ladies to a great job and we are happy to have been part of such an important resource! Thank you CRRA!